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Stat-X Fire Suppression Systems

Now there is a better way to suppress fire. With Stat-X, the objectives will always be to save lives, save your investment, your livelihood and be good to the environment. But innovative fire protection does more, as it combines science and economics.

Boat Fire Suppression
No longer is there a need to worry about maintenance,
we contact you to arrange a visit from our engineers.
Boat Fire Suppression

Stat-X fire suppression is a superior, environmentally friendly fire suppression system that offers easier, more cost-effective installations. With a long service life and low maintenance requirements, using technologically advanced methods for protecting more challenging marine and vehicle applications. There’s no wonder why Stat-X is the number one choice for protecting boat engine rooms and machinery spaces for the UK’s commercial workboat builders and workboat operators.
  Boat Fire Suppression
Boat Fire Suppression Superior fire suppression
Our products boast an amazing 100% extinguishing success rate, allowing you
and your crew to carry on with your job without worry for fire risk.
Boat Fire Suppression Tailored to
your needs
Each and every suppression system is built and expertly installed to meet the needs of your vessel, industry and fire safety regulations.
Boat Fire Suppression No worry
No longer is their a need to worry about re-scheduling maintenance visits, here at Marine Fire Safety, we contact you to arrange a visit from our engineers.
Boat Fire Suppression Safe, secure
& reliable
No other UK based company offers our support. Full technical support is available as standard and we also offer 24 hour unscheduled maintenance.
What is an Aerosol Generator?

An aerosol generator is a self contained extinguishing unit that contains an aerosol forming compound which, during a controlled combustion process within the generator, produces an ultra-fine aerosol extinguishing agent that is significantly more effective than currently available alternatives. 

The units are constructed of stainless steel components, are listed for both area and volumetric coverage, and require no piping, nozzles, or other distribution equipment. In effect, the generator acts as its own storage, production and delivery device.

How does suppression work?

Unlike other agents that work by reducing oxygen levels or by cooling, the aerosol extinguishes by chemical interaction with the free radicals that fuel the growth of the fire — in the same manner as halon did.

The aerosol stream contains ultra-fine (1-2 micron) particles of potassium compounds that provide a large surface area interaction with the fire.
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