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System Maintenance

As with all fixed fire suppression systems, annual maintenance is an essential part of its service life and is usually a requirement of both your insurance provider and of the marine authority of which the boat operates under. Marine Fire Safety are Stat-X approved engineers and as such are authorised to carry out full annual maintenance checks on Stat-X systems installed on both marine and vehicle applications.

Marine Fire Suppression Maintenance
No longer is there a need to worry about maintenance,
we contact you to arrange a visit from our engineers.
Marine Fire System Maintenance

We understand that boats move around alot and that is why Marine Fire Safety covers an area which spans the length and breadth of the UK and European ports and rivers.

We carry out regular maintenance contracts from Falmouth near Lands End to the Orkney Iles north of John O Groates. We also carry out maintenance work in Ireland, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Denmark. 
  Marine Fire Suppression Maintenance
Boat Fire System Maintenance No worry
No longer is their a need to worry about re-scheduling maintenance visits, here at Marine Fire Safety, we contact you to arrange a visit from our engineers.
Marine Fire Suppression Maintenance Ensuring
Our Stat-X approved engineers are authorised to carry out full annual maintenance checks to ensure your system is working to its optimum level.
Marine Fire System Maintenance Thorough
Maintenance includes a full inspection of the units, brackets, monitoring and detection circuit, the FPX panel, testing of all detectors and alarms and much more.
Boat Fire Maintenance Portable
We can also maintain your portable fire extinguishers, allowing you to fulfill your annual maintenance for both suppression and extinguishers in one sitting.
What maintenance is needed?

Although the Stat-X aerosol generators themselves do not require much maintenance due to the fact that they do not require any weighing, pressure testing and do not have any pipe-work. However, the “system” as a whole with its electrical circuitry, detection and control panel does require an annual maintenance check to ensure it is in good working order.

This will usually include a full inspection of the Stat-X units and their brackets, continuity monitoring of the Stat-X units and the detection circuit, the FPX panel and all of its functions, testing of all fire detectors and sounder/beacons installed on the system with specialist equipment (both heat and smoke detectors) and any shutdown functions, if fitted. After which if all is in good working order a certificate will be supplied there and then.

In addition to us carrying out the annual maintenance on the fixed fire suppression system, Marine Fire Safety are also qualified to carry out the annual maintenance of your portable fire extinguishers.
This has many benefits including all of the fire protection equipment can be serviced in one go on the same day.
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