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Marine Fire Suppression
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Why Choose Marine Fire Safety?

As Stat-X approved marine distributors and authorised engineers, we are fully trained in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fixed Stat-X fire suppression systems for both marine and vehicle applications.

Boat Fire Suppression
We have an unrivalled knowledge of Stat-X systems
ensuring you that your vessel is protected from fire risk
Boat Fire Suppression

We have continued to provide an unrivalled service across the UK and European ports and rivers over many years, excelling in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of superior fire suppression systems such as Stat-X and Nobel K5. Our speed and flexibilty are the heart of our business, allowing us to provide rapid response to your requests, no matter the system or environment.
  Boat Fire Suppression Systems

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We work with you to understand your requirements, recommend the best system for your needs and schedule any work to meet your situation. From start to finish we communicate with you to ensure you get what you need, where and when you need it.   We realise that we have to respond quickly to your requests and that every job is different. Whether it is adapting to difficult installation requirements or working out of normal hours because that is when the vessel is available, we have demonstrated to our clients that we have the commitment to deliver an effective solution.   We know that you have a choice. We welcome competition as it allows us to show just how good our systems and prices are. Take the opportunity to ask us for a quote and let us prove our point.   We never forget the trust that our clients place in us to protect their crews, the boats and their operational efficiency. That trust has been earned over many years and we are proud of the long term relationships that we have been able to build with our clients. We look forward to being able to earn a similar level of trust from you by being there when you need us and supplying the very best in fire suppression systems.
Marine Fire Suppression
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Marine Fire Systems
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