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Nobel K5 Fire Suppression Systems

K5 Systems are fully independent, electrically actuated wet chemical systems which utilise spot heat detectors to detect fire conditions. The detectors are placed directly over the appliance being protected or in the extract air flow above that appliance. The cooking appliances can be individually protected or multiple systems can be configured to suit the demands of any galley.

Boat Fire Suppression
Unrivalled capabilities and service, offering full
automatic protection to galley and cooking appliances
Boat Fire Suppression

The K5 systems can be operated manually using push button switches located at strategic positions around the kitchen or directly from the fascia of the NFS4 control panel. The K5 galley systems are fully independent systems that can be used to protect a variety of cooking appliances, mainly the deep fat fryer/s on board. Cooking appliances can be individually protected or multiple systems can be configured to suit any galley set up.

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  K5 Fire Suppression
Boat Fire Suppression Rapid fire
The K5 system has proven itself time and time again in both test and real-life scenarios, showing extremely effective fire suppression in galley fires.
Boat Fire Suppression Very cost
While costs will vary based on the installation, in general, an installed system be significantly less expensive than alternatives.
Boat Fire Suppression Tailor-made
The K5 system is extremely adaptable, with the option of individual application or to be used as part of a configurated fire suppression system.
Boat Fire Suppression Specifically
The K5 system is a wet chemical fire suppression system designed purely to be used in galleys and with cookers and deep fat fryers.
What is a K5 Galley System?

It is a wet chemical fire suppression system which has been designed to suppress fires in deep fat fryers. The suppressant liquid has been formulated
to suppress fires in cooking oils and grease and to prevent re-ignition.
How effective is it?

In tests and in real fire situations a rapid fire knockdown has been achieved, showing that the K5 galley system is an extremely effective fire suppression system when dealing with fires containing cooking oils.
What about maintenance?

Minimal maintenance costs are due to the absence of pulleys, cables, levers, links, frangible bulbs, tensioners, ring pins and spring loaded plungers to worry about. Since the system is full electronic it only requires servicing on an annual basis.
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