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As Stat-X approved marine distributors and authorised engineers, we are fully trained in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fixed Stat-X fire suppression systems for both marine and vehicle applications. We also offer the Nobel K5 system, which is perfectly suited for individual galley applications over cookers and deep fat fryers. See below for more information on our range of products.
Nobel K5 Fire Suppression
Stat-X Systems
Fire Suppression
Now there is a better way to suppress fire. With Stat-X, the objectives will always be to save lives, save your investment, your livelihood and be good to the environment.
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Nobel K5 Suppression
Nobel K5 Systems
Galley Fire Suppression
The Nobel K5 Systems are fully independent, electrically actuated wet chemical systems which utilise spot heat detectors to detect and neutralise hazardous fire conditions.
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Marine Fire Systems
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